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Having watched the 1992 drama "Juice" (starring Tupac Shakur and Omar Epps), Jinx was overwhelmingly inspired by the portrayal of DJs battling it out for turntable supremacy. He would mimic the scratches and tricks for weeks at a time on his Technic Turntables. He began devoting much of his free time to practicing and perfecting his craft.

   In 2003, 21 year old DJ Jinx met two of FM 98 WJLB "Seven Deadly Technics" members "Big Dog Blast & DJ Don Q and also Gary Chandler" a member of the "Mixx Mobb DJs" at HOT 102.7 FM. With encouragement from many of his friends, Blast, Don & Gary, Jinx began entering DJ competitions and battles around Detroit to help build his name as a serious turntablist. Capitalizing on his newfound skill and notoriety, DJ Jinx hit the streets and began throwing parties while entering even more battles to solidify his name in the city. He became a house DJ for many clubs in Detroit and his reputation began to precede him.

    In 2004, Big Dog Blast, DJ Don Q & Kim "The Spin Doctor" James gave him an opportunity to preform his skill on "FM 98 WJLB" Holiday Mix Weekends.

In 2005, he entered & won a Pepsi DJ Competition for "WDMK 105.9 Jams, WHTD Hot 102.7 Interactive Hip Hop & R&B" now WGJR Hot 107.5 a Detroit Urban Radio Station. That gave him a chance to shine on special occasions such as "Summer Jams 2005 & The Holiday Mixtape."

    In Feb. 2006 Hot 102.7 contacted Jinx and asked him to come onboard and become a member of the Mixx Mobb DJ's

  Taking over the radio air waves in detroit, Jinx felt he needed to take his career nationally. In 2009, he started to traveling and touring all over world taking other places such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles & New York. From 2010 to 2015, Jinx became the On-Air talent on FM 98 WJLB a Detroit Urban Radio Station to display his deejaying skills through live mix shows between his many gigs at various nightclubs through the week.


   In 2015, Jinx started creating his own sound of music & producing songs for local & national artist around the world. In 2017, he became "Mixshow Coordinator" and a "On-Air Mixer" for Detroit's new hit radio station "105.1 The Bounce WMGC" Detroit Urban Throwback Radio Station. In 2019, Jinx also became "Mixshow Coordinator" and a "On-Air Mixer" for Pittsburgh's #1 station WAMO 100.1


  Currently being on several radio stations, his love of music shines through on all projects whether it's in the clubs, on the radio or producing his own music. Over the course of his career, Jinx has achieved many accomplishments but he is a humble man who is still making his celebrity approach. With that approach, he will continue doing what he loves for as long as he wants.

   In his spare time, Jinx loves hanging out with family & friends and mostly perfecting his skill.

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